What is Ruby on Rails used for?

Quentin DegraeveJul 19, 2022
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Ruby is a versatile, dynamic, and interpreted language for object-oriented programming. The language resembles written English, so even someone who doesn't really know how to code can, to some extent, understand code written in Ruby.

However, coding sites in Ruby is tedious work. That's why a special tool was created to optimize the development process: Rails.

9 years after the release of Ruby, the Ruby On Rails (ROR) web development framework was created within the Basecamp company in order to facilitate the programming of applications to create complex websites. This also marked the beginning of the massive popularity of Ruby and the arrival of companies built on Ruby on Rails, such as Capsens for example.

What is Ruby on Rails used for and why is it so popular

Why choose Ruby on Rails? Ruby's main goal is to quickly create new, high-performance web platforms. However, there's really no definitive answer as to where to use Ruby, because like any general-purpose programming language, it's suitable for a wide range of programming tasks. No web development company would treat code as something that exists outside of a project's business goals. Every programming language, every technology stack is designed to solve certain problems. So, depending on the purpose, RoR may or may not be the right choice for your web project (but most of the time it's the right one ;) ).

What types of projects is Ruby on Rails best suited for:

  • E-commerce, i.e. online shops with sophisticated options

  • Information portals (blogs or complex showcase sites)

  • Dating sites (such as crowdfunding where contributors meet project leaders) and web platforms

  • Complex projects

  • SaaS Solutions

  • Social networks

The number of websites and platforms built using Ruby on Rails is over a million worldwide (of which over 4 million have existed at any given time), and that number continues to grow.

RoR is also heavily geared towards developers who particularly enjoy it.

love rails

love rails

Companies using Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the technologies preferred by startups. The list of companies that use Ruby on Rails includes abroad: Airbnb, Shopify, Kickstarter, … And in France companies such as Doctolib, Sorare, Qonto, Pennylane and others. In other words, Rails is something that can be considered "made for business".

Moreover, RoR is particularly used in companies whose product is “tech”: Github, for example, is coded in RoR. Closer to us, the school 42 intranet is also in RoR.
So what are the qualities of Ruby on Rails and why did these companies decide to use RoR for the development of their web projects? You will find the list of qualities of this framework in this other article.

Quentin DegraeveJul 19, 2022
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