Development of crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding platform creator for 10 years

For ten years, Capsens has been creating crowdfunding platforms , also called "crowdfunding", in all areas: donations, loans, capital investment (equity crowdfunding) or royalties . This experience allows us to create complete platforms in terms of functionality, compliant with AMF standards (many of our platforms have PSFP , CIP or IFP approval) and the law in force. So by working with Capsens you maximize the chances of success of your platform and you make sure you have a trusted service provider on the subjects of price and lead time.

Capsens, through its other web development activities in fintechs, masters topics related to finance on the web, money lending, online fundraising campaigns. We are very involved in French crowdfunding networks. Indeed, Capsens is a founding member of FPF, Financement Participatif France, and has worked on the current regulatory framework for crowdfunding.

Thus, the creation and improvement of crowdfunding platforms has no secrets for us.

Among the best crowdfunding platforms

Capsens has created among the best crowdfunding platforms in Europe:

  • Raizers , present in several countries, collects several million euros per month to finance property development. It is one of the leaders in real estate crowdfunding in France with approximately 300 million euros collected since its creation.

  • Blast.Club, the investor club created by Anthony Bourbon (Feed and Who Wants to Be My Partner). €100M collected online in the first year!

  • Enerfip : French leader in green energy financing, Enerfip was developed by Capsens in 2015. More than 300 million euros have been lent on this platform for the benefit of the energy transition

  • is the leading European social and environmental impact business financing platform . You can invest in loans as well as in equity to finance associations, cooperatives and above all companies. Lita is present in France, Italy and Belgium

  • Fundimmo is another major achievement by Capsens. This real estate crowdfunding platform collects around 2 million euros per week online. In addition to its CIP approval, the platform holds the PSI approval, which allows it to offer investment in SCPIs online as well.

  • Blend Network : one of the UK's leading real estate crowdfunding platforms . The platform offers a secondary market (marketplace) to its investors who can resell their securities (bonds) online. It also offers a robot-lender (autolend) which automatically invests the savings of investors who so wish.

  • Trousse à Projets : a matching donation platform that finances extra-curricular projects in schools in France. Supported by the Ministry of National Education, this platform has made it possible to finance thousands of online projects

  • Tantiem: Fractional investment in commercial real estate.

These crowdfunding players are our pride. We have accompanied almost all of them since their creation. We make platform V2s for existing platforms. Do you want to be the next success of French or European crowdfunding? Contact us !

Development of your white label crowdfunding platform

Capsens develops crowdfunding platforms from code bricks (libraries) developed internally which allow us to go faster in the development of your platform. Thus our platforms are developed quickly and with very high reliability .

The platform belongs entirely to you: it is not a SaaS (online) service to which you subscribe, but your platform that we develop for you.

You can choose not to include the Capsens brand on your platform ( white label ), and we create a design that reflects your identity. As you can see, the design of Fundimmo is not at all the same as that of Enerfip and the same goes for all our sites.

The features of your crowdfunding web platform

Our platforms are tailor-made , however certain features come back regularly: creation of borrower (project leader) and investor (lender) profiles, downloading of KYCs, suitability questionnaire, credit and debit of the account, transactional emails, presentation of campaigns of collections (projects), calculated rate and schedule, generation of the subscription form and online subscription with electronic signature, reimbursement, dashboard, IFU, direct debit of projects, distribution of reimbursements to lenders.

Maintenance and evolution of your crowdfunding platform

Once we've developed, we host and maintain the platform so you only have to focus on your core business: managing and growing your crowdfunding platform.

It is also possible to internalize your developments as well as the hosting of your platform if you prefer to take care of it yourself.

We make your platform evolve at your request. So each of our platforms are different and no request is impossible for us. Some platforms we have developed are connected to Lemonway , others to Mangopay , others have no payment provider. As far as CRMs are concerned, we have connected platforms to Hubspot, Salesforce, and other tools.

The additional features frequently requested are: the bonus code, the referral system, private projects (club deals), the secondary market (marketplace), access for distributors (banks and CGP).

Advice and support in the creation of the crowdfunding platform

Capsens supports you so that your platform achieves its objectives and is as efficient as possible for projects and investors .

Before the start of developments, we discuss with you to create the functional models of your platform, this allows you to optimize the navigation of your users. Also, these models are requested by the AMF for the granting of PSFP approval.

Then we accompany you to create the design of your platform , page by page, thanks to our designers.

During the development period, our project manager makes a weekly update with you to show you what has been achieved during the past week and what will be developed next week. You are never left in the dark and follow developments live thanks to the Trello collaborative tool.

Real estate crowdfunding

We have a great knowledge of real estate crowdfunding, whether in real estate development , property trading or rental investment. We have created platforms such as Raizers, Fundimmo, Seed and Collect, weeXimmo, La Première Brique, Blocks, Tokimo, etc.

We master the best ways to operate collections, attract investors and facilitate their journey: registration, KYC, wallet matching, generation of the subscription form (most often for bonds ), payment, reimbursement, dashboard and monitoring of investments.

Crowdfunding in royalties (Bricks type)

Crowdfunding in royalties has recently been popularized by the Bricks platform, a player that allows for fractional rental real estate investment . They make it possible to massively democratize rental investment, sometimes with tickets starting at €10. These platforms often have secondary markets (marketplace) so that the investments can be resold. Thus investors benefit from the investment while having liquidity in their savings.

These platforms represent an entire section of the current crowdfunding business. They have the particularity of not being subject to PSFP approval (European approval, issued in France by the AMF), however they must comply with the regulations in force. We have developed several crowdfunding platforms in 2022 and 2023 and continue to support them.

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