La digitalisation des sociétés de gestion

Digitize subscription to investment funds
Capsens has been working for management companies for more than five years. Among our achievements we count clients such as Idinvest, Andera Partners, Blisce, Innovafonds, Private-Corner, Archinvest, INCO, and many others.
Our platforms have the advantage of allowing online subscription as well as the monitoring of the life of investments. So on our platforms you will find:
🔒 Investor registration (natural, legal or institutional persons)
📁 Download KYC documents
🤝 Distributors area (CGP)
🙋‍♀️ Presentation of funds and data room
📄 Generation of the Subscription Form and annexes
✍️ Online signature (via Docusign or other)
⚙️ Investor and subscription validation workflow
🧐 Administration back office
💸 Calls for funds, distribution, capital accounts, reporting
🔗 Connection to external APIs: Capital Venture, eFront, CRM, etc.
😋 Lots of other custom-made features or from our code libraries!

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